Trolley Replacement Program


Laundry Solutions Australia is now offering a Trolley Replacement Program for your laundry! If your laundry is looking to upgrade or replace its existing trolleys, we are giving you more reasons to choose LSA as your trolley supplier. We are offering customers a rebate of $120 per trolley when opting to replace an existing non-LSA branded trolley.

How it works:

  1. Tell us how many and what type of non-LSA branded laundry trolleys your facility is looking to replace.
  2. We will quote you on the cost for the replacement trolleys. (Note, replacement trolley must match the existing trolley in your facility. eg. Replacing a Linen Distribution Trolley for a Linen Distribution Trolley)
  3. We will deduct your total Trolley Replacement Rebate from the total order amount (eg. 3x Trade in Trolleys = -$360).

Benefits of our Trolley Replacement Program:

  • Get rewarded for replacing your old, broken trolleys
  • Only have to deal with one supplier for spare parts/ trolley accessories
  • 12-month warranty
  • Australian made products
  • All trolleys are made from high quality, hospital grade stainless steel
  • Dealing with a trusted supplier among the Aged Care sector
  • All trolleys meet OH&S guidelines

Call us on 1300 666 289 now to find out more about our Trolley Replacement Program.

Offer ends 31/12/17.

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