Laundry Equipment Service

As part of our quality service standards, we believe it is important for our customers to have minimal downtime when it comes to their laundry equipment. This is why we are the only industrial and commercial laundry suppliers to have 14 fully stocked service vans on the road 365 days a week to service all brands of commercial and industrial machines. Rain hail or shine we can keep your machines running, so you can do the same for your business. You can book a machine service by calling us on filling out the form below. 

Reactive vs Proactive Maintenance

With a machine handling numerous loads every day the parts of that machine are constantly under stress, and every time one or more of your washers or dryers has a problem it affects your business and stops it performing at 100%.

Whenever a machine has a problem with it and a technician is sent out this is called reactive maintenance. At Laundry Solutions Australia we would rather have a proactive approach with planned services throughout the year to make sure everything is working as it should be.

This is why we have three different care packages designed to give you peace of mind and full transparency with the state of your industrial or commercial washing and drying equipment.

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Service and Maintenance

Care Packages

Care Packages

Preventative Maintenance

Reduce the odds of a breakdown with a couple preventative services each year. The labour for these scheduled maintenance is scrapped and the warranty is extended on all your products that we service. Perfect for businesses looking to stay on top of their machine care.  

Complete Care

Complete Care provides you with the assurance that the equipment, so vital to the efficient operation of your laundry, is well maintained, maximising its productivity and lifespan whilst saving you money. Should your laundry equipment require repairs at a time between planned maintenances we will waive the service callout fee. This gives you peace of mind that service costs are what you expect them to be.

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Care is an all-inclusive solution where all labour, parts and maintenance services are included. If Laundry Solutions Australia currently services your organisation’s laundry equipment, we can conduct an analysis of the actual costs that you are paying for all planned service, breakdown service and spare parts costs. We can then report this to you in an open-book format showing the average cost per machine per annum. We will then propose a cost-down solution to you based upon fixed-price servicing.

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For more information on our laundry service or to book a machine service, please fill in the form and one of our helpful team members will be in contact as soon as possible.