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Laundry Solutions Australia are the importer and distributor of the premium range of IPSO Laundry Equipment and have been helping businesses with their laundry equipment needs for over 30 years.

The IPSO range of products are built by the largest producer of Industrial Washing Machines & Dryers in the world.

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Order Labels Online

How to use the online order form:

  • Fill in Facility Name, Wing and/or Department
  • A typical label will have the first and last name i.e. Mary Peterson (or M. Peterson if name is too long)
  • Available Colours: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink or Orange (All with Black Text)
  • The minimum order of labels is 50 labels per resident
  • All label orders are invoiced to the facility at the end of the month.
  • It is our policy to not send invoices directly to residents or family members.

Name (person sending this form) Name of Facility
Postal address City State Postcode
Phone Fax Email
QTY Colour Name of Resident (example: Mary Peterson or M. Peterson)