Keeping Your Laundry OH&S Compliant

Reducing Hazards With Laundry Solutions Australia Trolleys

The safety of laundry staff is one of Laundry Solutions Australia’s top priorities, therefore we supply several trolley products to help reduce hazards in your laundry.

Muscular stress as a result of performing manual tasks is one of the most common forms of injuries in the laundry. As described in the Government of Western Australia Department of Commerce’s 2009 Newsletter ‘OHS in laundries and dry cleaners’, “Manual tasks are activities requiring the use of force exerted by a person to lift, lower, push, pull, carry or otherwise move, hold or restrain a person, animal or thing.” In the laundry, the most common manual tasks include lifting and carrying laundry bags and loading and unloading washers and dryers.

So how do we reduce these hazards? Laundry Solutions Australia has designed several products that can create an efficient and safer work environment.

Overloading laundry bags is one of the most common instances of creating hazards in the laundry. A full collection bag of personals can weigh in excess of 10kg, which can cause a lot of strain on the laundry staff when trying to lift these bags. In addition to the raised platform on our Collection Trolleys to reduce over-filling, we also offer Collection Trolley Bag Slings. Our Slings can reduce this hazard by limiting the number of items that can fit into the bags and therefore reducing the weight. The length of the slings can also be adjusted using the Velcro straps, therefore you can set the length as to your staff’s requirements.

Collection Trolley Skip Sling

A 2009 report conducted by WorkSafe also identified the action of lowering or bending as a hazard in the laundry. To reduce this risk, WorkSafe recommends using spring-loaded inserts for laundry carts to keep the laundry at hip height. Our Rising Base Trolley is the perfect solution for your laundry as its spring-loaded base keeps your dirty laundry bags at an OH&S compliant height, therefore reducing the risk of injury due to bending and lifting.

Rising Base Trolley

For more information on OH&S compliant Laundry Trolleys, you can contact Laundry Solutions Australia on 1300 666 289.



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