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For Day Spas and Massage Therapists, oil and lotion soaked towels will make up the largest part of the laundry for the business. Many day spas and massaged therapist owners can be focused on what happens at the front of their business, the parts that customers see, that they give little attention to what happens to the towels they use after a session is complete.

It can be forgiven to assume that almost any washing machine and dryer will do the trick to clean the dirty laundry. In fact, there are a few key considerations that when accounted for will make sure that what happens in the back end of your day spa is as stress free as the customers that walk out your doors.

Below are some of the biggest concerns when it comes to laundry equipment for a day spa, massage therapy or salon.

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Boosting Customer Experience

A big selling point for any day spa is the quality of the towels they use. Having soft, silky and most importantly clean towels can have huge impacts on the overall experience your customers are having (and what they will tell their friends and family afterwards).

No matter how good your service is or the quality of your products, not having the proper laundry equipment to back it up will only set you up for defeat in the long run, commercial machines are designed to extract as much moisture from the towels as possible so they spend less time in the dryer where excessive time can ruin the fibres.

IPSO CW10 Front Load Commercial Washing Machine
IPSO CD10 Commercial Dryer

Saving Space

When most of the space for your salon goes to having special rooms for each customer, displaying products and ensuring a nice relaxed open environment it is possible that not a great deal of space gets dedicated to the highly important laundry area.

Sometimes the space just isn’t available. Many businesses will try and shuffle things around to make space for both a washer and dryer which leads to a lot of unnecessary¬† shuffling around.

Commercial Stackers are available for laundries that are narrow or areas where width is limited. They are incredibly stable and provide for efficient transfer between wash to dry.

IPSO CS10 Washer Dryer Stacked Vended


As with any business that has heavy laundry requirements, efficiency is a primary concern and looks at two main factors. The first is the time it takes to move between loads or the cycle times of the machines, the other is the amount of water or energy being used throughout each cycle.

Our CW10 Front Load Washers have an average cycle time of 45 minutes and use anywhere between 44-52L per cycle making them incredibly efficient.

Additionally, our machines use high speed extraction to reduce the amount of moisture still in your towels making drying times faster and further reducing energy costs.

In regards to energy, even some of the best rated domestic washers will use roughly 0.74 kW of energy, on a full cottons load which can take anywhere between 2-4 hours to complete. Our commercial washers use 0.67 kW, and can complete the cycle in a much shorter time. 

While the difference here doesn’t seem like much, when you compare it over the course of an entire year it can begin to tally up. Once the dryer is also included into the equation then the difference becomes even greater again.

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