Commercial Laundry Equipment

Unlike domestic washing machines which are more suited for home use doing regular washing loads, commercial laundry equipment are built for more heavy and frequent use. Typically they are used by businesses such as hotels, backpackers and any other business doing washing loads every day.

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IPSO CW10 Front Load Commercial Washing Machine


Coin operated top load washing machine


IPSO CD9 Commercial Dryer


Commercial Washing Machine Dryer Stack
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Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Need a service on your commercial machine? Our amazing service team operate 365 days a week, always prepared to keep your washer or dryer in tip-top shape.

How much does a commercial machine cost?

In Australia, commercial laundry equipment can range from $1000 to $5000 depending on the product and supplier. Top load machines are more affordable than front load machines. These machines are also more expensive than domestic machines due to being made from quality steel instead of plastic as well as having heavier grade parts.

How long do commercial machines last?

Commercial Machines usually have a lifespan on average around 12-14 years, this is comparable to the 5-10 years of a domestic machine. Additionally, it is much difficult to service a domestic machine giving them a short lifespan whereas a commercial is designed to be easily serviced to get the most usability out of it.

Which machine is best for my business?

The biggest factor is laundry space. The right machines will come down to how much space is available in your laundry and what has worked for you previously. This article briefly talks about the difference between a top loader and front loader machine. If you need any help deciding on an appropriate machine for your business call us on 1300 666 289 or fill out or contact form.

How is IPSO different?

IPSO is the worlds most dependable laundry brand, built by Alliance Laundry Systems the worlds largest manufacturer of industrial and commercial laundry equipment. IPSO branded machines are renowned for being reliable, of high quality and incredibly efficient.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to anywhere in Victoria as well as Queensland, to find out more about our delivery services please contact us on the appropriate numbers.